Henry More’s English Reception: Bibliography, c.1640-1700

(By Mark Burden)


The following bibliography covers the period 1640-1700, and includes texts which mention Henry More by name.


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Catalogus librorum ex bibliotheca nobilis cujusdam Angli (1678)

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Bibliotheca Digbeiana (1680)

The True Englishman (1680)

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Catalogus librorum bibliothecae reverend. & eruditi viri D. Samuelis Brooke (1681)

[Richard Baxter, An Apology for the Nonconformists Ministry (1681) – citing Hesketh (1680)]

Richard Baxter, A Search for the English Schismatick (1681)

John Browne, A Compleat Treatise of the Muscles as they appear in Humane Body (1681)

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A True and Impartial Relation of the Informations against Three Witches, viz. Temperance Lloyd, Mary Trembles, and Susanna Edwards (1682)

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An Apology for God’s Worship and Worshipers (1683)

For God’s Worship and Worshipers (1683)

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An Awakening Word in Season to the Grand-jury-men of the Nation (1684)

A Calendar of Prophetick Time . . . with a Postscript freeing this Computation from Objections rising from the Sentiments of the most Pious and Learned Expositor Dr. More (1684)

William Allen, Of the State of the Church in Future Ages (1684)

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S. E., An Answer to Several Remarks upon Dr. Henry More, his Expositions of the Apocalypse and Daniel (1684)

A Catalogue containing Variety of Ancient and Modern English Books (1685)

A Catalogue of Choice English Books . . . which will be exposed to Sale (1686)

A Catalogue of the Library of Choice Books . . . of . . . Dr. Richard Lee (1685)

A Collection of Cases and other Discourses lately written to recover Dissenters to the Communion of the Church of England (1685)

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A Catalogue of Choice Books . . . which will be sold by Way of Auction (1686)

A Catalogue of Choice English Books (1686)

J. Goad, Astro-meteorologica (1686)

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New from Pannier-alley (1687)

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The Reasonableness of the Church of England’s Test and Justness of her Reformation asserted . . . by which the Writings of Dr. Stillingfleet, Dr. Tillotson, Dr. Moore &c. are cleared from the Charge of Anticatholick, Anti-christian, Fanatical &c. (1688)

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Several Arguments for Concessions and Alterations in the Common Prayer (1689)

The Oration of Cicero for M. Marcellus done into English (1689) [book advertisement only]

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[mentioning unpublished text by Richard Hayter called Errata Mori]

A Catalogue of Curious Books . . . being the Library of . . . Mr. John Reynolds (1693)

A Catalogue of Excellent English Books (1693)

A Collection of Excellent English Books (1693)

A Collection of Modern English Books (1693)

Large and Sure Foundations (1693)

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The Harmless Opinion of the Revolution of Humane Souls as a Probable Hypothesis (1694)

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