Benjamin Whichcote: Bibliography

(Written by Sarah Hutton, 1 November 2013; revised 2018)whichcote2

Primary Sources:

Printed Works (All Published Posthumously):

Theologoumena dogmata: or Some Select Notions of that Learned and Reverend Divine of the Church of England, Benj. Whitchcot, D.D. London: 1685.

‘A Sermon preached by Benjamin Whichcot, D.D.’, in anon., A Compendium of Devotion. London: 1697, pp. 99-106.

Select Sermons, ed. Anthony Ashley Cooper (Third Earl of Shaftesbury). London: 1698. 2nd edition 1721.

Several Discourses, ed. John Jeffery and Samuel Clarke, 4 vols. London: 1701-7. 2nd edition of volume 1 in 1702.

Moral and Religious Aphorisms, ed. John Jeffery. Norwich: 1703.

The True Notion of Peace in the Kingdom of Church of Christ, ed. John Jeffery. London: 1717.

Select Sermons, ed. Anthony Ashley Cooper (Third Earl of Shaftesbury) and William Wishart. 2 vols. Edinburgh: 1742. Republished in 1773.

The Works of the Learned Benjamin Whichcote, D.D. 4 vols. Aberdeen: 1751.

Moral and Religious Aphorisms . . . To which are added, EIGHT LETTERS: which passed between Dr. WHICHCOTE . . . and Dr. TUCKNEY, ed.  John Jeffery and Samuel Salter. London: 1753.



Patrides, C.A. (ed.), The Cambridge Platonists (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1969)

Taliaferro, Charles, and Alison Teply (eds), Cambridge Platonist Spirituality (New York, Mahwah NJ: Paulist Press, 2004).




British Library Sloane MS 1710: Correspondence between Anthony Tuckney and Benjamin Whichcote, 1651.

British Library Sloane MS 2903: Correspondence between Anthony Tuckney and Benjamin Whichcote, 1651.

The National Archives PRO 30/24/24/16: Manuscripts sermons, with notes by Anthony Ashley Cooper (Third Earl of Shaftesbury)

The National Archives PRO 30/24/24/17: Manuscripts sermons, with notes by Anthony Ashley Cooper (Third Earl of Shaftesbury)



Bodleian Library, Tanner MS 44, fo. 256: Letter from Benjamin Whichcote Sr to Benjamin Whichcote Jr, 1672



Sheffield University Library, Hartlib MSS 32/4/1A-8B: 4 letters from Benjamin Whichcote to Samuel Hartlib, 1649 and 1661


Washington, D.C.:

Shakespeare Folger Library MS V.a.326: Benjamin Whichcote’s theological miscellany, c.1675, given to Charles Plumptre in 1758 by Samuel Whichcote (watchmaker), Benjamin Whichcote’s great-nephew




Secondary Sources:

Beiser, Frederick, The Sovereignty of Reason. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1996.

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Tillotson, John., A Sermon preached at the funeral of the Reverend Benjamin Whichcot, DD, and Minister of S. Lawrence Jewry, London, May 24th 1683. London: 1683.

Worthington, John., The Diary and Correspondence of John Worthington, ed. J. Crossley and R.C. Christie. Manchester, Chetham Society Remains vols 13, 36 and 114 (1847, 1855, 1886).


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